Recent reports of BC’s indigenous languages paint a scary future. Of the approximate 32 languages in BC, all are endangered, and 3 are dead. Present studies suggest that globally, 1 language dies in the world every 2 weeks. In the next 25 years, 700 of the worlds languages will die, permanently.

It is in this urgent call, we are inviting…no….asking you…to come to this special event. If something drastic doesn’t change with our languages, they will die. We must ask ourselves, “Who am I without my language? Who are my people without our language?”. We hosting this immediate language conference to cause a shift in languages, and do something powerful for our communities.

Are you interested in learning your language, but don’t know the tools or methods to BEST accomplish this? Most previous and traditional methods of teaching languages don’t honor all our ‘learning-styles’, but new and revolutionary approaches do exist.

Evan Gardner created the “Where Are Your Keys?” method (view: to help save languages. It mixes other language learning methods like “Total Physical Response”, and uses Americal Sign Language (ASL) to act as a learning-bridge to aid in memory of words, grammar, and syntax of languages.

Dustin Rivers has been using “Where Are Your Keys?” in his native community of the Squamish Nation for less then a year. Based on Evans use of the game in various communities in Oregon, Dustin hopes to create fluent speakers with this method, within years! It has accomplished this before. He sees a dire situation as his native language (Squamish Language) is the third-most endangered language in British Columbia with less then 10 fluent speakers.

If you could become fluent in your native language within years, would you believe me? What if, you, your friends, and your family could join you in this amazing accomplishment? All it takes is time, passion, and innovative methods to TEACH and LEARN languages. The “Where Are Your Keys?” method is this. Attend this conference and you will find out there is a way to accomplish this dream and become a FLUENT speaker of your language.

Registration fee is $50 for the two-day event and includes complementary meals.


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