In the next few decades, hundreds of the worlds indigenous languages will become extinct. Wade Davis, a noted anthropologist said “Every language is an old-growth forest of the mind, a watershed of thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities.” He was most definitely right about our languages. If indigenous languages die, so much goes with them. Will our ceremonies carry the same meaning our ancestors held if the language which they sprang ceases to exist? Perhaps, but we must all ask ourselves, “What kind of Indian am I…if my language dies?”

The revitalization of our languages is the most pressing issue for indigenous peoples of the 21st century. It will be our generation of people that decides what kind of future we leave for our nations. At present course, most languages will die. A drastic change needs to occur in order to save languages.

The drastic change must be bold, must be different, but also unique. It must bring together common sense learning, honor each learning style, and be efficient and fast. Evan Gardner, one of the host-facilitators for this conference, believes that language revitalization’s biggest issues are: 1.) That we are not producing new teachers fast enough and 2.) that no new generations of fluent-speakers are being born. In this belief, he adapted multiple learning approaches, language ideas, and knowledge to craft an approach to language-learning that is smart, useful, and brilliantly simple.

This is the conference to attend. This is the moment we must seize upon to really do something for ourselves, for our community, and for our world. Imagine learning many useful techniques over just a 2-day event that could change your perception of how to learn languages, but not only that, inspire your passion to learn your language and gain specific tools to revitalize your entire language community.

It only costs $50 to register before the June 1st, 2010 deadline.

For further information, please contact Conference Coordinator Dustin Rivers at squamishlanguage@gmail.com

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