The Conference

Vodpod videos no longer available.
(A ‘Where Are Your Keys?’ language night using Chinuk Wawa in Portland, Oregon. Most speakers in this video started learning 3 months before this was filmed. This is an example of the success of methods being presented at “Save Your Language” Conference, June 5-6th, 2010.)

The major problems with language revival is that communities are not producing new teachers fast enough, and that no new generations of speakers are learning the language. At this event, the special workshops, facilitators, and events will give communities and people the tools, methods, and processes to begin or continue to save their languages themselves, through community-led initiatives. Past uses of this method have yielded unparalleled responses. Within just a couple years, languages began to turn around with new fluent speakers becoming teachers.

This conference may be for individuals who are simply interested in their language, and attending will greatly increase their knowledge and tools to best accomplish that task. It may also be for educators, instructors, or teachers presently working on language-revitalization strategies within their communities.

Attend this conference, and join the growing movement of people helping to revitalize their languages.